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I am Suna Spry and I empower, support and guide those that care and “Love an Addict” .

Having extensive life experience, living and loving different people throughout my life with a variety of addictions, from parents, partners and my own child, having nearly lost my way totally, almost to the point of a break down, it became my mission In life to support and guide as many people that I can possibly reach whom care and “Love an Addict” .

I am a qualified teacher having owned my own academy for many years; since then I decided to expand my skills by becoming an NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Nutritionist and fitness motivator.

The problem that I found is that there is so much support out there for those with the addiction however, where is the support for the person that cares, loves and supports the addict day in and day out? They are possibly dealing with abuse, stress and depression, their mental health issues, taking them to meetings and counseling sessions, and all this time the carers are losing themselves more and more, neglecting their wants and needs, as the addicts’ needs override the carers.

The way that I work with my clients, I facilitate them in becoming better in raising their awareness of their thoughts and feelings and guide them to take the appropriate actions to make the changes in their lives and find their true self-worth and freedom. I do this by working with individuals and groups with helping them gain awareness, become clear of their personal goals and putting in priorities to taking appropriate action to changing their life and find their true worth and freedom. I support and guide those with making changes while going through what can be one of the most difficult and challenging times in their lives.

I am known for showing my clients how to experience a new effectiveness and ease in their most challenging relationships. I am known for using techniques helping to dissolve self-defeating patterns and begin their work on self-love, discovering their passions that live within them and live the life they deserve.

My clients leave feeling more positive, confident and empowered to live their lives the way they want to, feeling more fulfilled and free from their doubting beliefs.

“My mission is to empower and support others to achieve their “Visions & Dreams” .

I am passionate about guiding and supporting people to recognise their worth, realise their dreams and step in to their own unique power to build a life that they truly deserve and love”

“My mission in life has always been to encourage and support others that no matter what you may have gone through in life you can change it and achieve your “Visions & Dreams”. My mission is to guide and support people to recognise their worth, realise their dreams and step in to their own unique power to build a life that they love”

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