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  • Loving an Addict

    I was that person once, struggling every day to support my dad/friend/partner/spouse/family member. Each day would be the same, how would they come home? I could always smell it first, always that same smell, same look, same aggression, same attitude, It used to make me instantly anxious about whether they were in a happy or sad mood, after their 8 pints, packet of cocaine or joint, even if the internet played up would have an impact on how the day went, then there was the constant eating and the need for sugar.

    Now, I don’t live like that as I am not consumed by that persons behaviour no more, I have learnt how to identify my true life purpose, and what makes me truly happy. I have learnt to identify, and work with emotions, fear, stress, anxiety, sadness, hurt and anger; this has allowed me to live a positive and more fulfilled life.

  • Personal Growth

    Positive thinking towards greater self-esteem, self-confidence, improved self-believe, greater clarity and self- awareness, emotional intelligence and empathy.

  • Eatfit

    Struggling with weight issues can be the most soul destroying feeling. I can guide and support you whether that is to lose weight, maintain weight or even put weight on. We can combine with that a plan to get you motivated with exercise again if it has been a while since doing any activity, even if its to start with a walk around the block.

Bespoke packages using Life Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, to break through limiting beliefs, increase happiness and create freedom for the life you want to truly live.

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