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Addicted to an Addict

The Addicted to an Addict front and back cover

Addicted to an Addict is a book aimed to give support and guidance to those that may be co-dependant, consumed or even in need of some tools to help live the life that is truly desire.

  • Guidance

    Addicted to an Addict is a book of guidance to help others to realise that they do not have to be consumed by others and to start working on themselves and realising that maybe in some areas of their life, the inner child within needs fixing. They can get benefit from the book if they have low self-esteem, lack self-worth due to abuse, trauma or even neglect from their own past.

  • Self-Help

    The aim of Addicted to an Addict is to wake others up, to help them understand they cannot fix someone with addictions; the addict has to come to that realisation themselves. It gives advice as to regards with children and other members of family including in-laws. It is a self-help book to encourage living the life everyone deserves.

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The Addicted to an Addict book cover

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